Must see Electrical Bikes

… or the mountains made easy !


You like to go bike riding, yet the sight of a hill makes you get off and push your bike all the while grumbling about it ?
You would like to take your young kids on a ride without exerting yourself ?
You are a senior at the prime of your life and you think that bike riding is no longer for you ? Stop right there! The electrical bike is for you !

The commune of Guillestre acquired an electrical bike parc with 16 bikes to rent from mid-June until mid-September in order to discover the stunning mountanous scenery without a sweat ! These can be rented from two locations in the Guillestrois :
-the chalet, next to the tourisme office, place Salva
-Hotel Lacour, near the train station of Mont Dauphin

Want to enjoy the outing with the whole family ? We will lend you, for free, trailors, baby seats, or a tow bar to attach the child’s bike to the parent’s.