Must see Natural Parks

Hiking between the Queyras and the Ecrins


The Natural Regional Park of the Queyras covers 58 000 acres and incompasses 10 townships. This mountanous landscape offers a unique natural and cultural heritage. With many peaks exeding 3 000 meters aboue sea level, the Queyras has a network of marked hiking trails such as the GR58 of the GR5. Along with the traditional mountain faun and flora such as « chamois » or buff, marmots, and royal eagles, the parc is also inhabited by some unique species such as the Lanza salamander, the Guillestre tupil, the Isabella butterfly, or the astragalus fox tail. Finally, the parc puts forth a unique cultural heritage with its sundials, handmand wookwork and wood carvings, medival fort, adrans solaires, sculpture et travail du bois, fort, pastoral and religious life, which you will discover in each of its villages. For more information, please visit the Natural Regional Parc of the Queyras’s website


The National Park of the Ecrins contains more than 150 peaks over 3000 meters above sea level with the « Barre des Ecrins », highest peak at more than 4 102 meters above sea level. You can discover the 750 km of trails with your family or between athletes, including the emblimatic Oisans and Ecrins Tour (GR54) which will take you high into the mountain range, into the lush green valleys, all the way to the snowy peaks. In order to leanr more about the region and to keep informed about current and special events happening in the parc, you can visit any of the tourism office and their museums with documentaries about this remarquable territory. For more information, please visit the National Ecrins Parc’s website

Discover the protected areas !
While wandering the hiking trails, you will see the endemic natural species such as the Guillestre tulip, , over one hundred year old Junipers (for more informations see hiking trails), the Lanza salamander…
During the months of April-May, the Guillestre tulip is in its flowering season. In its honor, the « Maison de la Nature » opens its gardens and offers guided visits in order to discover this beautiful flower. A booklet dedicated to the Guillestre tulip is available at the tourist office.


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