Must see Tamed marmots

Become friends with emblamatic animals from the Alps !


Prepare yourself to make some new amazing acquaintances with our « tamed » marmots!
Come and try out a new experience while walking the trail situated under the stronghold of Mont Duaphin. After walking for only a few minutes, you only have to sit down next to the entrances of the burrows to see them approach without fear. A unique moment that will delight parents and children offering moreover, a slendid panoramic view of the valley.

The story is that these marmots are actually familly to our own mascot Griotte, who became the symbol of our tourism office as well as the poster child for our Youngster festival which is the biggest festival for young people in the Hautes-Alpes !

Careful! In order to keep these marmots healthy, please not feed them !