Family activities between 5 and 10 years old


At the entrance of the Regional Park of the Queyras, the region of the Guillestrois is the ideal location for children !

LYour first activity would be to get close to our tamed marmots, or to participate in one of our consum’actor workshops in order to make your own local products. There are many sports activities that they can participate in, as for swimming, direction the swimming pools, lacs and hot springs or llittle streams so you can splash around with your family !
Finally, let’s not forget the, « Potes de marmoT’s » festival; biggest festival for young people in the region of the Hautes-Alpes which, takes place over a period of 3 marvelous days, filled with activities for both young and old.


Many sports activities are available for children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old (see also activities for 2 to 5 years old)

* Starting at 5 years old :
– discover géocaching,

* Starting at 6 years old :
– dive into history with the recreational tours of the Mont-Dauphin stronghold, or discover the medival fort of the Queyras
– surf the waves while being pulled by gigaaaaantic buoys,
– discover rock climbing or the joys of mountain biking

* Starting at 7 years old :
– During winter, ski with your family with the snakegliss, and during summer, hop like a frog in the aqua-park, with its giant inflatable structures in the « plan d’eau » of Embrun.

* Starting at 8 years old :
– the easiest via ferratas are accessible to you and the girls will be able to create their own home made cosmetic cream !

* Starting at 9-10 years old :
– taste the coolness of our rivers through the activity of canyoning, starting at the age of 10. Looking at our workshops, you can participate in our stained glass workshop !