My activities Help, it's raining !!!

What are we going to do !? Don’t worry, we have a solution . . . !

Marie Popins has few more tricks in her bag !

We have to admit that this is a rare occurrence in these parts ! However, if it is the case, donc panic ! Here are our a few things you can fall back on such as our museums, our interactive Consum’actor workshops, or to meet your local craftsmen and producers that will warm you with their smiles !


To brighten any grey and raining day, come and learn how to make you own local products with the help of our craftsmen and producers. Learn how to make honey, jam, patisseries, jewelry and gemstones, paint wooden figurines and many more! Find all our workshops on :
Consum’actor Workshops


Come and warm yourself in our natural hot springs of the plan de Phazy or in the Great Baths of Monêtier, complete with saunas, hammams, hot tubs,…
For more information, please visit our : Hot springs’ page


Take shelter while visiting some of our exhibitions in order to discover various remarkable creations !
Find all exhibition centers here : Expos