Heritage Visit the highest village in Europe


Located in the heart of the Natural Regional Park of the Queyras, the village of Saint-Véran, also known as « the Travers », is located at an altitude of 2400 meters and is the highest village of Europe. The village is also qualified as one of the prettiest villages of Europe.
There are many craftsmen that live in the Saint-Véran who work to perpetuate the skills and traditional « know-how » of the region such as woodcarving, bobbin lace work, herbarium, sowing . . . In this well kept village you will find a very old yet beautiful traditional house which is now a museum called « The Soum », dating back to 1641 where you can discover the customs as well as the day to say life back then. You can visit this house, please go to our « Cultural site » rubric at the end of this page for more information.
The town is connected to the ski station of Molines, making it easy for you and your family to practice many winter activities in Saint-Véran.


The town of Saint-Véran didn’t always have that name. The town used to be called Sainte Marie-Madeleine.
The legend says that during the 6th century (585-589), the Bishop of Saint-Véran freed the countryside of the Lubéron from a dragon by ordering it to leave. The dragon climbing up into the sky and feel of the mountain of Saint-Véran. Having heard of this miracle through the shepherds who would come here during summer, the inhabitants thus gave the name of the holy bishop to the countryside.<:br>
Today Saint-Véran is composed of 5 different neighborhoods which stopped fires from spreading. They are called Peyrebelle, le Villard, la Ville, le Châtelet and les Forannes.

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