Soar through the sky Bungee jumping


Bungee jumping originated from a tribe in the Vanuatu Island of the Pacific who used it as test of their courage and passage into manhood. To prove themselves, the young men had to jump off a 25 meters wooden plank with their feet tied to a vine to try and get as close as possible to the ground in order to pass the test.
But don’t worry ! if you are drwan to this unique experience, the professional and qualified team of « Adrenaline Bungee » will help you make the jump safely. In the heart of the Vauban citadel in Briançon, you will be able to jump from the Asfeld bridge (60m), to make you fee alive and push back the limits !

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Friday 15 June
Bungy Jumping - Adrenaline Bungee
From 15/06 to 01/10, daily.